Below you will find testimonials of some of Denise's patients:
(with much gratitude to them for sharing their stories)

Kia ora
My visits to Den have been extremely valuable for myself and my growing boys.
My boys have had a history of throat problems which left unchecked could have led to rheumatic fever . Using remedies from Den have stopped chronic winter throat infections, more importantly my boys choose to use homeopathic remedies versus antibiotics. I use remedies in consultation with Den and because of that I know they will work in a subtle or obvious manner.
Nga mihi, Moana

As a mother of 5, homeopathy has been an integral part of my family's health and wellbeing over the last 18 years. I am so thankful for Denise's skill and guidance as a homeopathic practitioner throughout this time. Her commitment to finding constitutional remedies has provided a safe and effective way of navigating the milestones and challenges of everyday family life as well as supporting childhood conditions such as eczema, chicken pox, sleeplessness and more.
Madeleine Chaplin

Den has successfully treated me for dry, red and itchy skin irritations on my legs and ears. She has also treated me for emotional trauma from childhood.
Den has also had success with treating my cat for a sneezing condition she had and helped her through homeopathy with her timid nature. She is also very skilled in offering first aid advice that can be used with children at home. I have no hesitation in recommending Denise Cawthorne as a homeopath.

I have had over a number of years very positive results from Den and as mine is allergies that affect the sinus etc and has so many uncomfortable side effects it is good to get relief without resorting to the large number of preventatives that are full of chemicals.
Well worth giving Homeopathy as an alternative to these.

I cannot speak highly enough of Den.
I initially visited Den for homeopathic help with considerable anxiety, panic attacks and heart troubles.
Her approach was always non judgemental, empathizing, problem solving and calm. Her homeopathic remedies have been extremely helpful for both my physical and emotional problems, and I have been totally amazed at the difference just one small tablet can make. I am now a different person able to cope with what life throws at me and the relationships with those around me are more positive.