"Homepathy is the true and very advanced healing science much beyond the scope of current methods of chemical analysis and interpretation."
~ Dr. Aditya Sardana

Homeopathy works for me and my family, our pets and now my plants.

My children, who are now adults, have not the need for antibiotics in their lives. I have a real sense that we can heal ourselves with healthy, nourishing food, good habits of keeping our minds and bodies active and extra help when needed by utilizing the modalities of natural medicine mostly, and orthodox medicine only when crucial.

Having come to homeopathy when my children were babies, I saw the wonderful results we received and was motivated to further develop my knowledge in order to pass this simple and effective system on to others. Now I am able to assist my patients with its amazing healing abilities.

wings"A real practitioner isn't doing the healing for you, instead s/he creates a space in which you can rediscover your own innate healing power"

~ Reiki saying - Fran Stiene

Denise has found that homeopathic prescribing alongside Craniosacral Therapy, in many complaints, has made tremendous inroads to her clients health.

They are wonderful, symbiotic partners, with enhancing peoples own healing powers towards dynamic health.