Craniosacral Therapy

About Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Dr. William Sutherland was the founder in 1930's - 40's with insights of movement of articulation of the cranial bones. He realized that 1) life expresses itself as motion and 2) there is a clear relationship between motion and health. This is the body's inherent life force he referred to as the "Breath of Life" - aka Life Impulse.

In this motion of the cranial bones is connection to the body's tissues and fluids which are the cerebrospinal fluid, central nervous system and the membranes surrounding the whole system from the cranium down the spine to the sacrum.

How it Works

The craniosacral approach works on subtle rhythms that are the "Breath of Life" which are expressions of health and it is the cerebrospinal fluid that is particularly important in this process of rhythmical movement. It presents itself in very early stages of embryonic development and proceeds to maintain and balance our whole functioning form. When our system is working in an ultimate state of health there will be an expression of fullness, balance and well-being on all levels.

When is CST needed?

With lifes stresses, strains, traumas and overwhelm our body's system can get locked into inertia or blockages and our natural, rhythmic movements cease to flow with ease.

This can appear in many forms such as: abdominal problems, arthritis, aches and pains anywhere, anxiety, depression, emotional imbalance, hormonal difficulties, jaw and teeth problems, neuralgia, neck and back issues, repetitive strain injury, never been well since scenarios, and much more.

It is also excellent for prenatal and post partum balancing and maintenance for mother and baby and carries on well into toddler growth. Think also of pre and post operative care as it is known to be beneficial in soothing nerves and aiding rapid recovery.

What to expect in a treatment

The practitioner is "listening through the hands" to the body's rhythms and inertial states with gentle, non-invasive or manipulative holds. It is with this gentle touch that the practitioner reads the body's story and enhances and amplifies the clients own healing capacity. This equals manifestation of health. The practitioner's deep state of presence and being of no judgement throughout the session allows space for the clients potential transformation.


Denise completed her training with the Neotouch Biodynamic Craniosacral Institute in Auckland, New Zealand, in July 2015. She holds a Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. She operates from a home based clinic on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Her rates are $60 adults and $45 children up to 12 years.